The bar chart compares how people consumed coffee and tea in five Australian cities, namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart, in the last four weeks. 

Overall, it can be clear to see that in all cities the highest percentage of people had gone to a café or restaurant to buy a tea or coffee in the last 4 weeks, with the exception of Adelaide, where slightly more people had bought instant coffee. Interestingly, although those living in Brisbane did go out to consume these beverages most, like Adelaide, the percentages were much lower than the other three cities and the level of instant coffee purchases was also very high. Fresh coffee sales were lowest in all cities.

Going to a cafe for a coffee or tea, the most popular choice, recorded the highest percentages in Melbourne, at approximately 63%, followed closely by Hobart and Sydney (just over 60% each). In terms of buying instant coffee, figures were relatively close ranging by just 10%. The highest figures reported belonged to Hobart and Brisbane (nearly 55% and 53% respectively). Adelaide was the only city whose figure for this category (approximately a half) was a little higher than going to a cafe for coffee or tea (just  under a half compared to just over).

Buying fresh coffee was less popular than the two other choices, with about 44 % of those surveyed buying this in the last 28 days in Sydney, followed by Melbourne, with just around 1% lower. However, Adelaide and Brisbane were the two cities with the lowest figures, with just over a third.

 Band 7.5
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