People across the world are more similar than they are different. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is generally accepted that no individual is the same. However, I totally believe that what people have in common is much greater than what separates them for the two following reasons.

Firstly, there are many apparent biological similarities among humans. Some might claim that people are all different in appearance, height, or skin colour, and it is virtually impossible to find two individuals who are precisely the same. However, I would argue that these people focus too much on minor external differences, which cannot outweigh their common traits. Biologically, not only do people have the same organs, blood composition and muscular structure but they also have to go through the natural life cycle, which includes birth, youth, middle age, old age and death. Therefore, it is true that humans are more similar than different.

Another underlying reason lies in the recognition that the striking psychological similarities shared between individuals are enormous. While I acknowledge that there are superficial differences in the way each person behaves and reacts to what happens in life, everyone tends to have similar desires and fears at a much deeper level. For example, giant companies, like Apple, have exploited the human need to be respected and stylish to advertise their products and encourage people to make purchasing decisions. This explains that all individuals are shaped by and motivated by the same inner drives. In addition, although humans are from different walks of life, most of them want to have companionship and love, meaningful work, basic comfort, and security in their lives. In these fundamental ways, it cannot be denied that humans are so alike.

In conclusion, not only do individuals have the same biological traits, but they also share deep psychological inner drives. Therefore, although some may emphasize how people diverge, I completely agree that our shared humanity elides those dissimilarities.

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