Bài mẫu Writing task 1 Band 8.0+ - Dạng Bar Chart


The chart illustrates how much electricity the top ten nations produced and consumed in 2014.


Overall, all the countries generated marginally more electricity than they used, with the exception of Germany. It is also noticeable that the amounts of electricity produced and consumed in China and the US were far higher than the other nations.

China and the USA had production and consumption levels ten times that of the tenth place country. China was the biggest producer and consumer, at 5,398 billion and 5,322 billion kWh respectively. The United States was not far behind, generating 4,099 billion and consuming 3,866 billion kWh.

There is then a marked drop to the next country, Russia which was the third largest energy manufacturer and consumer, with 1,057 billion and 1,038 billion kWh respectively, which was only one-fourth of those figures for the United States. Japan and India followed with slightly lower figures, ranging from 698.8 to 936.2 billion kWh. In the 7th, 8th and 9th spots, Canada, France and Brazil generated and used between 450 billion and just over 600 billion kWh each. Germany was the only country which produced less electricity than the amount it consumed, 526.6 billion and 582.5 billion kWh, respectively, while Korea, Rep. had the lowest figures, with under 500 billion kWh for both categories.  



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