The line chart compares the cost of bananas in Japan, France, Germany and the USA from 1994 to 2004.

Overall, bananas were the most expensive in Japan and cheapest in the USA. In addition, the prices in all the nations were erratic over the period, with the exception of the USA.

In Japan, the cost of bananas increased dramatically from about $1.80/kg in 1994 to a peak of around $2.80/kg in 1995, but then decreased to approximately $2.00/kg in 1996. After hovering between $1.80/kg and $2.30/kg from 1997 to 2000, the price declined to nearly $1.50/kg in 2001 before rising to about $2.50/kg in 2004. In contrast, after an initial increase, the cost of bananas in the USA stabilized at around $1.20/kg until 2004.

France and Germany witnessed a similar pattern over the entire period, with the prices returning to almost their original values despite fluctuations, at about $1.40/kg and $1.70/kg respectively. While banana prices in Germany declined gradually to around $1.10/kg in 2004, the figures for France fluctuated wildly, overtaking Japan to become the country with highest price (around $1.80/kg) in 200. They then hit a trough of around $1.00/kg, the lowest among 4 countries in 2003 and finally reached just over $1.50/kg in 2004.

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