Bài mẫu Writing task 1 Band 8.0+ - Dạng Process khó

The diagrams demonstrate how an igloo is constructed. Overall, this is a man-made process and contains 13 linear steps, beginning with snow being cut into blocks and ending with ventilation holes being drilled in the wall or roof.

First of all, a specialized saw is used to cut hard-packed snow into blocks. The large ones are used to form the foundation of the igloo while other blocks of snow are smoothed before being stacked up in a circle upwards. Then, an entrance is created by digging a hole under the wall, and the last opening on top is filled with an over-sized block to form a dome.

Following this step, loose snow is utilized to cement all the crevices to strengthen the igloo. Then, the wall inside the igloo is smoothed by hand, and the entrance is created and covered with snow blocks. Finally, air holes are cut in the wall or roof to ensure that the igloo is well ventilated.

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