BÀI MẪU WRITING TASK 2 BAND 8.0 - space exploration

Some people feel that the cost of space exploration is far too high for the benefits it brings while others argue that space programmes should continue no matter what the cost. Discuss both sides and give your opinion?

In recent decades, the amount of money spent on space programmes has been increasing significantly, causing some public controversy. However, while some people believe space exploration’s costs are too high, I side with those who believe that these programmes are highly beneficial to humanity and, therefore, worth the cost.

On the one hand, it could be argued that the benefits we gain from expensive space programmes are not worth the cost. Firstly, opponents of space exploration believe it costs their countries billions of dollars to recruit, train and pay for astronomers as well as the research teams while there are not any clear benefits for ordinary people. They argue that it would be more practical to spend the money on essential sectors such as education, health care and transportation to raise the citizens’ living standards. In addition, human beings on Earth are facing severe issues, such as famine, natural disasters, pollution or terrorism, which require immediate action. If the money were reallocated to solve these problems, a large number of human lives would be saved.

However, I side with those who are of the opinion that it is worth continuing space programmes regardless of cost. One of the reasons, I would argue, is that the advanced technology which has been developed and used in space exploration does have practical applications in our daily lives. A great example is GPS, which is used as the fundamental system to develop many applications in taxi and delivery services such as Uber or Grab. Furthermore, satellites sent to the space can observe what is happening on Earth, and therefore, can provide highly accurate forecasts about the weather and more importantly, the potential occurrence of natural disasters such as typhoons or devastating storms. Without these forecasts, a considerable number of human lives would be at risk each year.

In conclusion, although money spent on expensive space programmes could have practical uses on Earth, not only is space exploration beneficial to our daily lives, but also helps predict and prepare for unexpected situations. Therefore, I believe it is a wise decision to keep funding these programmes.

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