Bài mẫu Writing task 2 - Band 8 "senior managers should have much higher salaries than the other workers"

Some people think it is a good thing for senior managers to have much higher salaries than the other workers in a company.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Receiving decent wage is a motivating factor for many working people in management positions. In fact, I agree with those who argue that high-level executives should be paid more than other regular employees for two reasons.


The first reason why top managers should receive higher salaries is that they often work under an enormous amount of pressure. Although some might argue that most employees spend the same amount of time working for the company and, therefore, should be equally salaried, I believe that the fundamental difference lies in the far greater responsibilities that these senior executives have. In fact, these managers, not the regular staff, are those who make the most important decisions in the company and are responsible for any failure resulting from their decisions. Due to the significant role senior managers play in a company, and the stress they suffer as a result of this, being paid better salaries is more than justifiable.


Another significant reason is that this policy can create a strong incentive for employees to work and contribute to their company. A gap in salaries may increase positive competition among employees because along with recognition and promotions, a lucrative salary is one of the essential rewards that motivates an employee to work. If there is no difference in the amount of money being paid between senior officers and other workers, very few people will likely do their best at work to get promoted to positions with such significant responsibilities and intense pressure.


In conclusion, not only do people in senior positions usually have a vast amount of pressure, but this also motivates employees to improve their skills and contribute to the development of the company. Therefore, I firmly believe that paying senior managers higher salaries is a sensible approach.

(294 words) - Band 8.0+

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